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Wow, this is going to be so difficult! In my opinion these cookies are equally fantastic.... hmmmm, who will the winner be?Good luck to you both!
Thanks so much JanH... this will be so helpful for me as well.
...can't sell moms on ebay! That is too funny. Jkalman - Thanks for your tips on fondant covered cookies. I never would have thought to add it on straight out of the oven, but it makes sense. I am also going to check out Penny's recipe. I saw you mention it in other posts, but was not sure who Penny was
Hey's a really good cake! You have a a bright caking future in front of you....keep up the good work!
No cake! Not because you are booked, but because it is horribly offensive! No way would I take part in that!
Way to go....please, keep us posted! I love reading success stories like this!
Your cake rocks! I agree with everyone else NO REFUND.
OK, that was a hoot! Why is it that everything seems even funnier to me with a British accent I think I am going to go watch it again now....
Me too..I changed a photo and tried to add more keywords and lost all the information. From my understanding (I email Heath) this is a problem they are aware of and will try to fix in the next upgrade.
I have been using foam core in my cakes, but I cover them first with Press 'n seal. It sticks fantastically and does not shred when slicing.
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