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I trim the board right to the cake.
For support, I use SPS. They work GREAT! For the bottom, I use cake drums.
This is what I've experienced! The cakes with oil are lighter and moist but at times too oily. The cakes with butter are denser and not as moist.
I use liquid.
I like Cakeman's. It's moist and light but it is a bit oily and it didin't hold up well with fondant. I use Paula Deen's. It's a bit more dense; I think becasue of the butter so it works well with fondant.Hope this helps!
I fill and then carve.
Great Now we just need to decide on the theme and # of tiers or if it's going to be a sculpted cake. Since you have your cake design, we can go from there. Is the cake that you are making a Christmas theme? How many tiers? Or is it sculpted?The photos will be due to our host by 12/19. She/he will then post our pics on the voting poll. Just remember not to post your photos on your profile until after the voting poll is closed.I will check to see if I can get someone to host...
I figured that I would ask early, before everyone gets busy preparing for Thanksgiving.We should be at similar skill level. Please look at my photos.Since it's a Dec. throwdown, maybe it can be a Christmas theme.I'm open to suggestions!
I think it's cake only.
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