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Does anyone have a tutorial on how to carve the baby / body shaped cake?
I received a central pneumatice brand airbrush and compressor kit for Mother's Day 08. It only cost $100 for everything. I recently used it about 2 weekends ago. Once I started, I couldn't stop! The convenience and affect it brings to your cakes, are just time consuming and beautiful. I was sooo exicted! I went to Harbor Freight Hardware the store my kit came from, to purchase a kit that consisted of 6 color coded guns and a stand for $120. It is well worth it.
I myself also used teal
I've tried both MMF & RBC..I've received a lot of positive feed back on the RBC that it taste great. But my MMF seems to be flimsy..maybe it's something I'm doing, but the taste is good. Wilton's fondant I care not to use, but I do let me customers it makes the cake look GREAT but doesn't TASTE GOOD!!!! So I use it at their request!!!!!!
I purchase my Almond and Chocolate Bark at Wal-Mart on the baking Aisle near all the semi-sweet chocolates. It's actually less than $2 and U can get a lot of usage. Besides it taste great!!!!!...In addition us can't use gel or reg. food coloring. Must be candy coloring. Hopefully this help
I haven't attempted the hershey kiss, but I have used the marshmallow and that worked WELL!!!
U can also purchase shrink wrap at Dollar the gift wrap section...I use it to make baskets...
I've tried the enhanced cake recipe on two occasions I did add the butter. I was told that the cake was very good. In fact I used it today on a cake for my boss's daughter and waiting to hear the response on monday.
Thanks for your responses ladies will try both sites...
Thanks to all whom responded..Afterall VIVA is the winner!!!!...It has been working tremendously WELL!!!...
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