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fondant only skins over ie is always soft to the bit.The shelf life of factory produced fondant in the UK is 12 months
If I am working on an all fruitcake wedding cake, then I would normally start decorating the cakes 4 weeks before the wedding with the aim to have it fully complete one week before the wedding.I so wish fruitcakes would come back in to fashion - less stress and no late nights
dark edges - fading to light (near the body)I would opt for the body being silver
the condensation that will gather on top of the color flow item if its refrigerated will cause the colors to run (even though the item was dry when placed on the cake)
I presume the mother of the bride thinks the wedding cake will have the same shelf life as shop bought cakes (which is so wrong). I work on a seven day shelf life ie bake Thursday, decorate Friday for the wedding on Saturday.
If the royal icing was hard to pipe it suggests one of two things1. one of the utensils you used when making the royal icing had a smear of grease on - grease stops the chemical reaction so instead of beautiful royal icing you end up with a heavy mass which is only suitable for the BIN. so its important to make sure that every thing is grease free (I am a royal icer fist and foremost and as such have two sets of dedicated royal icing equipment).2. you added too much...
use boxes etc to support the shape till its fully setyou have two options re joining the pieces together;-royal icinggunge (gum paste let down with egg white till it resembles well chewed chewing gum)the edible glues only work if one or both pieces are fresh - as your pieces need to be fully dry before assemble this medium is not an option
any texturing needs to be done as soon as the fondant is applied for the cake ie before the fondant skins over (which is normally about 20 minutes)
30 minutes is no where near long enough to cover a cake with sugarpaste and cover another with royal icing (presume this tutors means snow scene as flat icing takes no less than three coats with a minimum of 4 ours between coats).It really does depend on what the tutors is happy with - if this was me then I would opt to demonstrate a few edible items which could be placed on their cake (all items freehand modelled) - Christmas...
To create a realistic flower is all about layering the petal dusts (various shades) and steaming.I would opt to make this flower in off white then dry dust - pink plum purple aubergine and a couple of shades of green for the base of the flower.
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