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This question is asked a lot on the board and unfortunatley, sometimes it also causes claws to come out for some people especially when the questions come-up about are whether you are licensed or bake out of your home. I would suggest that you do a search on this topic because some posters have previously provided quite a bit of information on what you should consider such as not only your ingredients but your electricity, water, etc. Also, without any specifics about...
Thanks everyone. I will also be sure to try the recipe!
I've never tried ganache before, so these questions may seem elementary to many of you. When I bake my cake, don't I ice it then apply ganache and then cover it in fondant (if I'm using fondant anyway). Does a cake with ganache have to be refrigerated? I'm assuming that if it's refrigerated that I should bring it back to room temp before serving. There are tons of ganache recipes on this board, so which is your favorite? Any help is appreciated!
I'm fortunate in that I have good storage space, so I use stackable screw bin that has individual drawers for each tip. I labeled the outside of the drawer with the tip #, so they are very easy to find and keep organized.
I was exhausted just reading your post! When I got to the part about the plastic 8" knife, I had to laugh out loud! Glad you survived!
Last summer, I made a 3d firetruck for a friend's groom's cake and part of the fondant accents slipped right off the cake. Unbeknownst to me, there was no air conditioning in the reception area and it was over 100 outside, so you can only imagine how hot it was inside and there was no where to keep the cake cool. The wedding party got to the reception over 2 hours late, so there was nothing that could be done to salvage the cake after exposure to extreme heat. I was...
Thanks for all the tips!
I'm making a sandal cake for a lua this weekend and to get some additional servings, I am using the bottom of the giant cupcake pan as a pile of sand to represent the beginning stage of a sandcastle. I will need to cover the cake with something that looks like sand but is tasty. I've read that some people use brown sugar (don't want to do that for taste purposes) and some use crushed nilla wafers - how does this taste? I plan to apply buttercream and then the "sand" on...
There is a local tea room that also doesn't level their cakes. I know the baker and she says it is because they are going for the made from scratch look that your grandmother's cakes always had - which includes a dome and no leveling.
Cakelady, People never cease to amaze me. I don't know what you can do to stop this because it seems like you are already taking the precautions by putting a disclaimer and telling them in the message to contact you directly. Sorry that I'm no help! Good luck though!
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