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Hi,I've been looking at making some orchids for a cake I have due this weekend. They're concerning me slightly as they look so fragile and I can't find a tutorial on them.Does anyone have a tutorial? Also any advice anyone could give would be great!Thanks in advance!Stacey
hiya,i am making a wedding cake for tomorrow.its a 16", 13", 10", 7" and a ceramic topper, round cakes, question is i don't know how many dowels to use in each tier! this is my first stacked cake and i have to admit i'm nervous!the doweling i have is 140mm wooden doweling. also, do i cut the doweling the exact height of the cake?i would appreciate any help you can give me!thanks in advance
yeah my oven isn't big enough, i didn't know there were half tins, thats something i will have to see if i can get within the next day as i'm on a short time frame (last minute order, long story!)they have already picked their design so i would like to accommodate it as much as i can, though i'm assuming if you can use half pans without the stability being put into question then providing i can get the cake carved into a round it should stack ok?
hiya,i'm new to the world of stacked wedding cakes and have to say i'm a tad nervous that i have one due this weekend its a 4 tier, 16", 13", 10" 7" all rounds with a heart shaped topper.major question is that i was going to bake the bottom tier as 4 x 8" square cakes and then carve them to a 16" round, will this work or will it compromise stability? its a fruit cake for the bottom tier if that makes any difference?i also could do with some advise on how many dowels to...
ah i never even thought about the sleeveless shirt!that was my dilema, to do his face or not, i dont want it to wind up not looking like him and i think with a face you always run that risk!i think the gold chains have got to be on there cus they are his trademark really!thats for the help guys! i feel more inspired now
hiya,i have an order for a mr t cake and i am struggling to think up a design. i toyed with the idea of a 3d bust but not sure i have the time to do it, i also toyed with the idea of a 2d cake but im having doubts about how realistic he will look and whether he would look silly (also applies to the 3d really) not sure what to do!only brief i have is its going to a fancy dress birthday party in which the guy whos birthday it is will be dressed as mr t....needs roughly 30...
thanks for your reply melmar02, i thought about doing dusted fondant balls too
hiya,i am making a cake that looks like a bucket and a mop lol. ive seen before that people have made bubbles i believe from sugar and i would like to know whether someone can tell me how to make these?if not if you can think of an alternative idea to make a bubbly bucket of water that would be great too, i want it to look kind of realistic thanks in advance for any help you can give
lol thanks for your tips!my writing is never perfect either so this should be right up my alley too lol...ive made a fondant pencil, red pen, ruler and apple that im going to use on the cake. also a few gold stars i'll post the pics once its done!thanks again!
i'm looking for inspiration of how to make writing look like it was done in pencil?i'm making a book cake for a teacher who is retiring and i would like it to look as though the writing on the cake was done in pencil as that what the kids would be using. the only thing i can think of if grey royal icing but grey isn't always the most attractive of colours especially in a decent amount of writing so wondered whether any of you had any ideas of another way to do it?thanks in...
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