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I made this cake using the cake pop maker, they sat really well. Maybe use the shorter sticks for cupcakes? I used regular sized sticks for this cake.
I add a box of instant pudding mix and 1 extra egg :) 
I've always used store brand shortening in Debi's recipe, it's the only buttercream I can get my mom to eat! My hardest part lately is finding the Dream Whip! :)
I use a mini ice cream/cookie scoop! :) 
French Toast & Bacon Oreo Chocolate Malt
Baking a sheet cake to cut is a brilliant idea! I'll definitely be doing that this winter! I want to send some cakes in a jar to a few family members & friends!
I've been to Sweet Daddy in Phoenix, they now have 3 locations. They blow Sprinkles away. My 4 kids actually spit out their Sprinkles cupcakes, they thought it was awful. I tried to force myself to eat one...didn't really work. 
I bought my daughter a cake like that from Target back in 2007, it was 29.99, it had a sheet cake in the middle, cupcakes around the sides. And it was a 1/8 sheet cake. Fed about 20 people if that. Your friend definitely got ripped off!
SaraNichole, the photographer owns the rights to the photographs. No one can use them without the orignial photographer's consent.
That is what I did Dukeswalker, I got my certicate from Maricopa County e-mailed to me in 12 hours from when I submitted it online
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