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That I don't know. I wish I had tried though. Such a waste of money, and now trying to be forced into an upgrade. Very unhappy with that company.
I figured Sprinkles would go under before Crumbs. I thought Crumbs cupcakes tasted a whole lot better then Sprinkles. I couldn't even get my kids to eat a Sprinkles cupcake. I wasted $43 on a dozen no one in my house would eat!
So........Where can I taste some of your yummy bakingness next weekend? :) I'm a passholder, and there almost every weekend or every other weekend. Disney does desserts like no other. :)
 The computer I had it on crashed, and I lost my software. I tried to re-download it & they told me I had to buy a new version. Really disappointed in their customer service. 
   I just got a Sams Club membership again, I'll definitely pick up some of those to try also!
Thanks everyone, will definitely check them all out! :-)
I am in desperate need of new cookie sheets. I haven't bought any in forever it seems like. Which are the best brand to buy?  Thanks for the help! :)
I made this cake using the cake pop maker, they sat really well. Maybe use the shorter sticks for cupcakes? I used regular sized sticks for this cake.
I add a box of instant pudding mix and 1 extra egg :) 
I've always used store brand shortening in Debi's recipe, it's the only buttercream I can get my mom to eat! My hardest part lately is finding the Dream Whip! :)
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