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Thanks for all the replies. I used a red that said no taste on it??? It did use almost the whole little jar. It is definitely red now. We shall see if anyone eats it or not. We`ve never had a cake with fondant on it before.
Thanks again for the help. Wow. That did take a lot of red. But its where it needs to be now. I hope I don`t screw up and I can make the cake look decent. Have never worked with fondant before and am not very artistic. LOL. So jealous of all the cakes everyone has posted on this site.
Thanks for the quick response. Will go add more red. I was wondering about the blue as well. Will try to add a bit more black to see if that makes it look right. :)
Hi everyone. Hope someone can help me. I`m trying to make my daughter a One Direction cake for her birthday this weekend. I have never used or made fondant before and am having trouble getting the colors right. For the red color on the Union Jack flag so far it looks the color a school pencil eraser. LOL. Is there anyway I can fix it to get more of a RED color?
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