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I was just asked to make a cupcake tree for a wedding. The bride wants 350-400 cupcakes. This will be the actual cake for the wedding. No other form of cake wanted. My question to anyone is how much do I charge for this. Can anyone give me an idea. Thanks,Vickie
Can anyone tell me what a two tiered wedding cake and a full sheet cake would cost. Nothing fancy, just your basic design.Any input is appreciated.Vickie
I am in need of a few cake ideas and was wondering if anyone could help. My first needed idea is for a 14 year old girl, her mom said she wanted something with "hunky" men on it My second needed idea is for a sixteen year old girl, her dad said maybe a sporty car. Please help!!
Thank you all for the wonderful ideas, they are all great.
HELP!! Customer wants a Buzz Lightyear cake for her son, does anybody have any ideas???
That's a idea, thanks
I am in need of an idea for a sun & moon cake idea. My daughter is in to sun & moon and her birthday is the 4th of July. Any ideas?Thanks,Vickie
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