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Hi there, I am not an expert but this is what has worked for me...I put enough bc to cover the color of the cake (maybe 1/4inch bc), let it crust and/or put in the fridge so the bc becomes firm and then cover with a 1/8 inch thick of fondant. Hope this helps
I agree, it sounds like it might be your oven temp, you can get an oven thermometer and check, they are very inexpensive and will save you the headaches. Good Luck!!
It seems to be bc pipping... although if your pipping skills are not that great (my aren't!!) you could probably find a template and make them from fondant, but no cutting the fondant into the shape, but folling the fondant into strips and then making the shape. I have seen some templates with this kind of design in Hobby Lobby or Micheals Craft, or maybe you can find a template online. Good Luck!!
Going back to the original question about BC, I have also used Wiltons bc and also did not like that grainy feeling in between the teeth, I researched and tried a few other bc recipes and have found several that work for me, keep in mind that temp and humidity plays a big roll in deciding which works for you, I was looking for a bc that was creamy and still would crust, these are the ones that work for me...."Amazing stabilized whipping cream" if im not mistaken, this one...
Prices vary from state to state, or city to city, what I did before to get an idea as to how much to charge for my cakes was getting quotes/pricing from some of the top and not so top bakeries in town. This will give you an idea, you also have to keep in mind the time and materials you use to make and decorate your cakes, don't short change yourself!! Happy Baking!!
Hi CSIMisty, I don't consider myself an expert but this my question is why did you refrigerate your fondant? My understanding is that fondant has a long shelf live at room temp. I would think if you are putting your fondant in the fridge you need to let it rest and get to room temp before trying to roll, also you can use cornstarch in your surface and rolling pin, this should help with the sticking. I normally use Satin Ice fondant vanilla flavor, sometimes...
Hi, I've make several 3D cakes, and I usually try to find 3D pans to make my cakes (I rather not carve when possible), so this is my sugestion... I would bake the cake in the Wilton bear pan, then just carve out to make you shape. I think this will save you time if your in a time crunch. I hope this helps!!
What about colored coconut!!
Hi there! I don't know how these ruffles were done, but to me it looks like circle fondant ruffled at the edges, pinched together at the center and maybe attached with toothpicks. At least this is who I would try to make them, you should do a trial and see if this works. Good luck!!
Hi there, I just wanted to give you a little input on the million dollar question "how much do I charge", I always had a hard time trying to find this out until I decided to call a few of my local cake shops and ask for quotes on bc and fondant cakes, with filling, decorations, flowers, ect... This will give you an idea as to how much you can charge. Now to the question about fondant or gumpaste decorations, I normally use fondant if the decoration is going directly on...
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