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Hi, I have switched to a commercial convection oven and my cookie recipes are all ending up spread out and flat. No change to the recipes at all. I have googled and can only find a possible answer that the heat is too low. I upped the heat and that didnt fix it. Has anyone else switched to a commercial oven and had the issue? How did you overcome it? Thank you!
I used gumballs in the middle with fondant over them. HTH!
You are 100% in charge of your own life. You can redefine your own view of 'success' at ANY time. If your daughter is watching and learning how to live her life, what lesson are you teaching? If she came to you with the same exact problem, what would you advise her to do? Sometimes, parents who love so completely forget to love themselves.
Starting out that way is a terrific way to train your customers that your work & time has little value. It is also the perfect way to hurt the local cake business in your area & tick off your fellow cakers who DO value their time and work. If you read back through this site you will find many burned out cakers on many threads complaining about customers who do not value them. As a business owner, when a customer tells me another caker has quoted an insanely low price I...
Hi, I missed this part of the show, but one of my friends said she explained the way she made the moss look so real. Her moss was amazing!!! Did anyone catch it? Thanks
This is a cakers worst nightmare. I am so sorry this happened to you & caused so much stress. We spend a lot of time fussing that brides do not spend enough on cake or place enough importance on the wedding cake. Everyone has a different part of the wedding reception that is important to them. For me, the dress, cake and photos are all that matter. If one was a disaster it would be a big disappointment. 100% refund, handwritten apology & move on. She had no cake pictures...
Congratulations!!! Where are you located? I would loveto be a FB fan!
Thank you for posting! Love it! I have only been brave enough to put my cake on an angle about 1/2 as much as the one on your stand. Does anyone know what the 'optimum' angle is on one of those stands? I am scared mine will pull down after I place it at the location. Any thoughts are appreciated!!!
Wow Kitagirl, as always your ideas and cakes rock. I am not sure why forums get ugly, but here we go again. oi!
Run. Do not stop and think about it, just run from this order. Seriously, run.
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