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please help! I made Michele's updated fondant recipe yesterday and colored part of it blue. I used the Wilton gel - royal blue and a couple of drops of navy blue and let it sit overnight. It did not darken at all, it is still light blue - like sky blue I quess. I am trying to get more of a bright blue. What should I do? I want to work on the fondant decorations tomarrow so they can somewhat dry out and then put the rest on the cake on Friday.
I am making fondant and I can not get a good rich blue color. I have used royal blue Wilton gel and also added a little Navy Blue to get it darker and it didn't help. What should I do. It is for a Batman Cake - so I need it very blue - not on the baby blue side. Please help!
how does everyone get such smooth icing on the cake? I allways have trouble.
Thanks ladies!!!
how does everyone keep their cake board so clean while decorating. I always seem to make a huge mess!
I make some last night on accident - yellow and black is all I used
forgot to tell you I made Michele's Revised Fondant last night and that is what I want to use. (how do I get it black?)
ok, I want to make a superhero cake for a birthday but, do not need many servings. I do want a multi layer cake though. Can I do a fake base? How early can I put fondant on and decorate it - then just add the last layer the night before? What to do to make sure it does not fall off fake layer?Please help!
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