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OK, so where do I find the templets section?
I want to learn how to model figures for my cakes. what are the best books, authors or websites I can find to learn how to do this craft. I need to make a bride and groom for a grooms cake for June 21st. I have time to learn, but I need to start my research now. All suggestions will be appreciated.
I am really annoyed with these scams. But the thing that bothers me most, is I cannot for the life of me think that they believe anyone would make a cake based on a rediculous email or send them back money from a bogus check. It has to be a giant waste of time for them as well.What do you all think about this scam?
I received a reply from the people in Scotland. She says that it is her niche and since it is such a competitive market, she is not willing to share her "secret" no matter how far away I am. I thought it would make a difference that I am not her competitor, but she does not see it that way.I guess i have no choice but to go and get my edible images made and stick them to the fondant and see what happens.Thanks for all your replies.
Yes I have seen 2, they are, suggestions will be appreciated. I have a friend who made one using edibal art adhered to fondant, but she says it can tear or slip and does not lend itself to being manipulated. I am just looking at all my options.thanks.
I am trying to find out how to make tartan icing. Apparently it is a trade secret in the UK, Scotland. I know someone who made a cake with a plaid on it, but it is very fragile and can tear and is easy to mess up. I am just wondering if there is any information on how to do this process anyone would be willing to share. I have a bride who wants this on her cake 9/21/08. Any help will be appreciated.
I heard it should be stored in the fridge after opening. Is that correct? I have had this pkg. unopened for 2 years, is it still good to use? Can I draw or paint on it manually? I don't have edible ink in my printer.
I am using Dede Wilson's pound cake recipe. How can I convert it to lime flavored and need a recipe for mango filling. Can I make mango puree, cannot find a recipe for it.
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