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Which is likely what I will end up doing!  But I expect that to take HOURS!  ;)
Thank you all!  Not sure if I have time to order it online though.  Going to go check the local cake supply place.  Wish me luck! 
Oh yeah I was just going to cut it with actual circles.  I'll try that as a keyword search.  Thank you so much for your help!
Can anyone tell me what the name of this pattern is?  I need to do a keyword search for cakes in this pattern but I can't for the life of me think of what it's called!      
Perhaps a photo?  I have used cotton candy (I am assuming that's what you are taking about) for decorating before on the unicorn cake in my portfolio.  I think it held up for about two hours.  Then it started to disintegrate.
 OMG, I'm dying to figure out how to put this in picture form on the Wisdom From Cake Central Members post..... 
Just a thought on the above statement.  I doubt they lose light in their eyes because they think less of you.  It's probably more of a, "What do you mean I can't come visit you and satisfy my intense need for instant gratification with cupcakes, NOW?!"  Because seriously, I work with people like this!  ;)  
I think you will be okay with the 1".  Take a look at the smallest one on the top tier.  It looks to me like it takes up about 1/3 of the height of the cake, so figure the cake is only 3" tall if you use your 1" cutter.  You may even want it bigger?  I think it's just an issue of perspective that it looks so tiny.  
Okay, I just found this website.... some of them are so astounding that I just think they can't possibly be true!!!   But I promise it will make all you professionals feel better about your crazy clients!!!
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