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Does anyone know what colors to mix to get the Tiffany box color. Thank so much.
As you can see, I am a newbie and have only been doing cake decorating for about a year and love it. I have heard about cake decorators meetups but was wondering if someone can tell me what they are, what goes on and if there are any in NJ. Is it a club? What is the price if any? Any information provided would be helpfull. Thanks everyone.
Try the company Pfeil & Holing. They have a website and I believe they sell a few diferent kits.
I have been trying to learn to make gumpaste flowers on my own without taking a class (can't find one). My flowers seem to break when I try to assemble them. Is is because they are not fully dried/hardened? Would using fondant be easier? Does any one have any tips for making gumpaste flowers? Thanks.
Thanks for the reply guys. Yes and I have taken all the classes they have to offer. They unfortunately don't have a class that pertains just to gum paste. My instructor at the time said she was going to have the class one day but didn't know when. The last time she offered this class was in Oct. of last year.Any chance you will be doing one in New Jersey? LOL.
Does anyone know where I can take gumpaste flower classes in New Jersey? I have done some research and there is one person that offers it down the shore area but she is a bit expensive for my wallet.
Thanks everyone for the quick replies. I will have to try the crisco trick if I get another crack. Yeah, I was thinking of purchasing that Flawless Fondant video.
Does anyone know how to fix a flaw in fondant once you have put it on the cake? Such as a crack or fingerprint. My instructor told me that there is no way to fix it. To just cover it with a decoration.
Thanks for the advise. I truly believe that they were straight. Maybe next time I will use the hollow rods like you suggested. Thanks again.
I made a cake for my daughter b-day. it was a tiered cake (two cakes). It made it though day one and two but on the day of her b-day the top cake kind of slid off a bit. At the party I took the top cake off and noticed that the dowels in the bottom cake was slanted. My instructor said that this should not have happened if the dowels was all the way to the bottom which it was. Could it have happened because the cake was too moist? Can anyone tell me why this happeded...
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