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Anybody know? Or if anyone knows of a number I need to call to find out that would be great too.
I was just wondering if people doing cakes out of their homes, specifically in Pennsylvania under the cottage food law, have to charge sales tax? For example, if someone were to order cupcakes from your home business for $24 would you charge the $24 + 6% tax?I don't have a business making cakes for people but I am just curious as to how the sales tax is worked out for quarterly taxes, etc.Thanks
Thanks guys
I'm making my first wedding cake in fondant. I was wondering how long it's possible to keep a cake that's been covered in fondant sit out on the counter until the fondant becomes hard and unappetizing? How many days in advance do all of you cover your cakes? I know I won't have to worry this time since I'll be covering the cake on Friday and the wedding is Saturday, but I'd still like to know for future reference.Thanks
Haha! I never thought of it like that before! Yeah if they can sell "fruit on a stick" than yeah I bet I could raise my prices lol Thanks!
Thank you so much for all of the helpful input. I appreciate it all.The demographics for my local area show that the average annual income here is about $32-$34,000 per year. Unfortunately a lot people probably won't want to shell out $27 a pop for a dozen cupcakes. I'm going to keep looking into marketing though and I think if I market to the right people I might be able to make a decent go of it.
scp thanks, I PM'd you!I would still like to get some input from others as to whether or not you guys are doing this part time or full time. Thanks
Correction...the basket and styrofoam aren't my biggest expense but they're basically equal to what the cupcakes cost to make. :-/
Well, here's how I figured...Cost:$7.08 for 12 cupcakes ($0.59 per cupcake)$3.00 for basket (this could fluctuate depending on whether I can find a cheap/durable basket)$3.00 for styrofoam ball-----------$13.08My biggest expense is the basket and styrofoam. That's where I'm losing profit.
So this could probably be considered a touchy question but I thought I'd ask and anyone that wants to respond can and those that don't to share don't have to.First, I want to share a scenario:I've been figuring numbers if I would start a business, for example selling cupcake bouquets. I've broken down all costs and figured it takes about $13 to make one 12 cupcake bouquet. If I sell them for $27 per bouquet (or $2.25 a cupcake) I would make $14 (general) profit.If I want...
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