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Wiggler, Yes! i do still need the recipe! the recipe I used was the Almond Lemon Recipe. As I recall, very light and and not to sweet, which is great for colorflow. Thank you!
I am looking for Mich Turners cookie recipe from her book "SPECTACULAR CAKES". I remember one of the ingredients was almond flour. I have turned my house upside down looking for that book. My kids and family really enjoyed those cookies ans was hoping to make some tomarrow. Thanks in advance!Nancy
I bought this, and I am waitng for it to come in. I have been using criso since i started caking, and finally bought some hi ratio shortening. thanks you guys!
This would be good infor to know! I bought orange and almond emulsion last week, and have yet tried it.
I JUS bough the book yesterday and read abou cake spacke! I am soooo gonna spacke my next cake!
Hey there! I just made some pine trees, and I used gum paste. Fondant or a fondant/gum paste mix can be easily used. I roll out the tinted gumpaste in the shape of a jalepeno pepper, as large as you would like. I instert a wooden dowel, or a lolliepop stick, or a bambo shish k bob stick would work as well for the Trunk, and then i use some sharp scissors, and just start cutting "V"s into the upside down "jalapeno" until i get the desired effect. Much easier and less...
yeah....big fights happen in the car when the Dh is driving and i am in the car babysitting the cake. it gets down right hostile.
I made the unicorn cake for my step daughter's party, and the bottom tier was served to guests, and the top tier was saved for the actual birthday (4 days later). My husbands ex wife said it was delicious, and she liked the flavor of the top teir, better than the bottom tier, (two different flavors). I wasn't to sure saving it for so long was good for the cake, but she placed it in the cake box and put it in the fridge. It was fondant covered. It had a strawberry...
thanks for all the great tips!....i am going to do the squishing thing from now on....had a couple of blowouts
I made the chocolate butter cake, from the WBH book, It was moist, light, and crumbly, so a thin crumb coat is a must, and not a good carving cake....but absolutely delicious.
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