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The other night I was watching Amazing Wedding Cakes and I noticed Christopher Garren using a small hand crank rope maker to make long ropes of fondant. Does anyone know what the official name of the crank and where to get one?ThanksDacakeldy
You bought the cake so you can do anything you like with it. If the buttercream is a little dry just give it a light spray with water or karo mixed wtih water so the fondant will stick. Just barely damp not wet.
There are some great recipes on this site. But you have to be careful about chocolate cakes at kids parties because some kids are allergic to chocolate also if you use a mix check for peanut oil. I had a 16 year old at a Christmas party last year who was allergic to peanuts and had a reaction.
Wow I am going to try that this week. I hate cleaning bags.
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