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Ok ladies (and gents), I need your help.I am doing my first pillar cake as a wedding gift for a friend. The wedding is tomorrow and I have been a busy girl with all my baking, filling and icing. So, I get to the tier that will be supporting the pillars and go to get the plate to mark where I will need to put support. That is when I realize, I have an 8" cake and an 8" plate! They don't sell any smaller plates locally, nor do they have the push in pillars that don't require...
Actually, the Wilton flavors aren't horrible. Lorann's are good, as well as Watson's, if you want to check them out. Definitely better quality than Wilton, but in a pinch, Wilton will work fine.
When I was working as a baker for a deli, we carried a few different cookies, brownies and rice crispy treats in jars on top of the case. In the case, we would have some pre-packaged slices of cake ready to go, as well as pie. We also kept cupcakes, both regular size and minis, for quick servings. We kept different bars as well, like a seven layer bars and lemon bars, as well as anything that was seasonal. Hope that gives you some ideas.
I don't know any off the top of my head, but I picked up the book, Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World, and have had great luck with the recipes I have tried. You should check it out. There are many fabulous recipes, and since they are all vegan, no eggs in any of them! HTH and maybe some others will have some more ideas for you.
Welcome and great firsts all around! The cupcakes look great and SMBC is definitely my favorite icing. Enjoy and I look forward to seeing your next firsts!
It's fantastic! I've been making it for years, paired with a Bailey's buttercream. I even had a bride request it for her wedding and had rave reviews. Beer is like coffee in that it will enhance the chocolate flavor, but it does lend a unique taste as well. Hope you do try it. Beware, the recipe in epicurious makes a lot of batter, and I have not had any luck cutting it in half, but it's awesome!
The cake definitely needs to be baked for at least an hour. Another way to ensure that it is baked through is to check if the sides of the cake are separating from the sides of the pan. Once that has started, the cake is normally finished. That's normally what I go by when baking in 3" pans. HTH
I only use SMBC and have never had problems with it, even after several days. As for freezing, I've used it after several months and it was still great. After you defrost it, you will want to re-whip it, though. If it looks soupy, don't worry, just keep it going and it will come back together. HTH!
I haven't had any problems freezing my left over NFSC dough in the past. I don't see how it would be any different freezing a fresh batch if that's what you want to do. Just make sure to have ample defrost time! HTH
Might have to try this my next BC go round. Thanks for the link!
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