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It sounds like you aren't beating it long enough. The mixture will look soupy, then curdled before it comes together. How long have you been beating the butter into the mixture? It normally takes about 5-10 minutes for me depending on the size of the batch.
For a three day wait, I would definitely suggest the fondant. I'm not sure about the straws for that length of travel, but I haven't had any problem with short drives, no more than an hour. Hopefully some other people can chime in and help you out.
Yeah, you're probably right about the juice. Had a bit of a late night brain fart. Definitely want to look into using the lemon extract, though.
Just made carrot cupcakes Friday with pretty much the same cream cheese frosting (I use more vanilla!). They were awesome! Might have to try the lemon juice addition for the frosting though. Could be interesting. . .
Not at all. As long as you use real egg whites, there is no problem with them whipping up nicely. You might need to use the cream of tartar if you use pre-packaged egg whites are egg white substitutes, but if you aren't using either, then you should be just fine without it.
Mel, if you can find it, Torani makes a Blood Orange syrup. It makes awesome SMBC flavoring! Actually, any Torani syrup does, but the Blood Orange is to die for. I have to make it per order or I will devour the entire batch. Plus, it's a very pretty pink color, so it's great for summer cakes and cuppies!. As for the chocolate MBC, I normally just melt a bag of "your brand here" chocolate chips for a double batch and slowly pour it in after adding the butter. It will be a...
Rosie - Bet you made sure you never got sick!
I have never had a problem covering the cakes in fondant the day before. I think the moisture from the buttercream helps to keep the fondant from hardening. You should be perfectly fine.
'Cuz I'm blonde and completely forgot that I had that size!( and had previously reasoned the the 6" wouldn't look out of proportion because it was in the air.) lol! Ok, off to bake another cake. I'm sure the people I work with will enjoy the 8". Thanks!
She doesn't want fondant, but I thought about that just to hide it. Still might be the trick..we'll see. Thanks!
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