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I use the Mocha VIA from starbucks. Gives it a little extra chocolate with the coffee. Plus you don't have to warm up your buttermilk, it dissolves into cold liquid just fine. I use 1 packet per mix, but you can always add more or less depending on your tastes.
I'm from Hilton Head, and as far as I know, there are no specialty cake shops around. I either have to go to Micheal's or order online. Same goes for clubs, but that may be different in Beaufort. There isn't really a huge caking community down here, it's just starting to take hold in the area.
It sure is. I always use 4 eggs, sub buttermilk and also a package of instant pudding in a coordinating flavor. Everyone always talks about how moist they are.
Nope, I normally bake, wrap and freeze over night on Wed, fill and let settle on Thursday and decorate on Friday. I've never had a problem.
Technically, I think so, but considering the professor, I think you'd be safe. That, and if you make it just a touch off, then it's not really the same color that's actually copyrighted.
Yep, you can copy right a specific hue or shade, but not just red. I'm sure coke could copyright that exact shade of red, but not red itself. I had a professor in college that created and copy righted "Nickalodean Green" and "Nickalodean Orange".
Yeah, don't let the "cupcake" mixes fool you. It's half the product for almost the same price. Just about any cake recipe, and any cake mix, can be used for cupcakes.
Is there any way that you could make the water out of the sugar/candy like you had intended in another mold and then shape the gum paste around it to make the bucket? Just a thought. Not sure how big the bucket is you are making, but maybe use a mini cupcake pan as a mold to get a small, round disk of "water" and then mold the bucket around it, or make the mouth big enough when you make the bucket to just place the disk in. HTH
Should be fine. I've done this with lime and lemon jello in the past with no issue. Just be aware that the cake will be very bright! Granted, I was kinda going for that when I was doing the lime ones, so it was ok.
2 tsp is definitely not enough. I use roughly 1/4 cup of flavoring for a batch of SBMC. Try adding more vanilla, and see what happens.
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