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There is however a CC Throw down going on right now on easter cakes. If I remember correctly, the picks will be posted this weekend and we get to vote. You can look for the thread in the forums
Sounds great, just hope we have the same selection down here!
I have had a request for an organic cake. It's a gift for my DH's client, who eats only organic. I don't have any restrictions about flavors, just has to be organic. Any help would be appreciated! TIAAmber
Recently I had to do a cake in the form of a ripstik (like a skateboard). I drew the shape on a piece of 1/4" ply and had DH cut it out and sand it down. Then I covered it with paper for the cake to actually sit on. I've also used a piece of marble for the cake board in the past. You can really use anything as long as you make sure that it is clean and ok for food. Good luck and have fun!
I love mixing chocolate and coffee. The coffee just has a great way of emphasizing the chocolate taste. You can also use instant espresso and turn it into a paste and use that in cakes as well... It is so yummy!
There used to be a topic that had all of the abbreviations, but I think it has gone away since the crash. I can tell you that NF is no fail, NFSC is no fail sugar cookie, and MMF is marshmallow fondant. MMF is great and easy to make. If you are looking to buy fondant, Satin Ice is also very good. There is also a rolled buttercream (RBC) that combines the look of fondant and the taste of BC. You can find a lot of different recipes here. Good luck and welcome to CC!
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