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What kind of buttercream do you use? If it is a crusting BC, then you could let it crust, then lightly paint it. I have used luster dust to lightly dust cold SMBC, as well. It was more of a dusting though, not really painted on. Hope that make sense.
I use the paste all of the time, it's great. I love the look and I think it tastes better than vanilla extract, you just use it the same way.
Yeah, it's probably just who ever is in charge of the department. Hopefully the clients can get further in the system since they still have students there. Glad that you had better luck with the high school. We had the same kind of quick response for our groom's cake logo. That and they wanted photos for their web site!
This is true! Have you tried to contact the colleges since? Maybe the email got lost somewhere?
I think the it's up to the baker as too who obtains the permits. However, it seems that the majority of the bakers I have talked to require that the client gets them.
Yes, you can use imbc and smbc under fondant, I just make sure it's chilled before applying the fondant so the heat from my hands can warm it up and adhear better without squishing the soft icing. As for the buttery taste, imbc and smbc both take a lot of flavoring. I normally use about 1/4 cup of flavoring per batch to get the right flavor.
When I had a logo put on my husband's groom's cake, we were responsible for obtaining the rights and providing the proof before our baker would do it. We had some back up plans in case we didn't get the rights.
When my husband and I got married, he wanted a copy righted image for his grooms cake. Our baker insisted that we were responsible for getting permission, in writing, to use the image, and if we didn't we would have to get a different design. Luckily, we were able to attain it easily. She she told us most people don't have issues getting permission, but it must be done to protect all parties.
Thanks for you response. I'm currently don't do more than a couple cakes a month, though I am hoping to increase this, so I will have to think about hourly vs monthly. Did the owners want to see any other information, like business plans etc.? I'm sure it depends on who you are talking to, just trying cover all my bases so I don't look idiotic when I go talk to people! LOL!
I am trying to slowly start my business but I currently can't sell without a license. I have a lot of friends wanting to buy from me, and I can't afford to just give them all cakes, so I thought a good place to start would be to rent a kitchen from a current restaurant in my area that is closed for dinner. This way, I can get licensed and start to sell and advertise a little more while saving for a store front and start to build a costumer base. I already have a few...
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