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Never have been able to get rid of the chocolate bits in the past, so I always run my chocolate smbc through a strainer before piping. Never have any problems after that. HTH should get to you page 70. The last numbers count how many posts are on a page, and there are normally 15 per page. So, the last number is the page number you want multiplied by 15, then you want to subtract 15 to account for the first page. Hope that makes sense!
I always get rave review when I fill with raspberry preserves (seedless, of course). So yummy!
The "report as a bad post button" disappears when someone pushes it. It takes a bit for the moderators to take them down, but they are aware of the situation.
Try a red velvet recipe, but use green food coloring instead of red. I love Sarah's red velvet recipe in the recipe section.
If you are looking for that crisp shell that snaps when you bite into it, then definitely do tempered chocolate. I'm pretty sure that Starbucks uses candy, not chocolate, and they come in frozen, so that's no good for the texture. Hopefully the tempered chocolate will do the trick!
Seconded! and NEED!!
That doesn't seem like enough butter, which is what makes it come together. The recipe I always use is:5 egg whites, 1 cup sugar and 3 sticks of butter. I've tried cutting the butter amount down to cut costs, but it would never come together right .I have used a 1/2 cup more sugar to sweeten it more for a customer and it worked fine. The meringue was just a bit stickier. Also, it use a lot of flavoring for this recipes, normally about 1/4 cup depending on the flavoring. HTH!
Silversprinkle, right below the last post on a page on the left hand side there is a "watch this topic for replies" button. Click that and the thread is saved!Jason_kraft, Thanks for the info, I'm currently in a similar situation and starting my business plan so your info is very helpful!
If refrigerating doesn't work, try adding more butter. I had this problem at one time, then remember that I had doubled everything in the recipe besides the butter (oops!) so it's worth a shot.
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