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Maybe an orange cream cheese. That way you still get a bit of the the orange that you were thinking about, but it wouldn't be too overwhelming. Or you if you want something a little lighter you could do a vanilla BC with a touch of lemon or orange so you can still get that flavor profile. HTH
No, room temp is fine and as long as you don't push it all the way into the batter it should be fine. You can also lightly coat the truffles with flour before inserting into the batter. That will keep them from sinking as well.
I do it all the time. Just fill your liners like usual, and then gently push the truffle into the middle, leaving half of it above the batter. The batter will rise to cover and the truffle will not end up at the bottom of the cupcake. Once the cupcake cools, the chocolate will melt into the cake, but the middle will stay nice and soft. I always get rave reviews and lots of requests. I usually make a death by chocolate cupcake with them; devils food cake, truffle in the...
I'd say go with your gut feeling. Your prices are just that, yours. If she doesn't like them, she can take her business elsewhere. It also sounds like if you did take her order she would cause issues later. I understand you feeling like you should take all orders being a new business, but if you do lower your price for her, what kind of standard are you setting for yourself? Please do yourself a favor and do not accept this order at anything less than what you have already...
You need to find a poured ganache recipe. I normally use equal parts heavy cream and chocolate with a few Tbsp of butter to make it shiny. I heat the cream and butter until just boiling and then pour it over the chocolate. Let sit about 5 minutes, then stir until smooth. Pour over cake and let harden. It will still have a creamy mouth feel when eaten, but will set up nice for the cake finish.
I think the ganache would work well for that. It would be nice and glossy smooth, but would not be hard to cut into. Sounds like fun to me!!
It will be harder, but not like a chocolate shell. The cream will keep it softer and pliable, while the chocolate allows it to have a harder finish. Hope that makes since. Hopefully someone else will have a better explanation.
I do it all the time. Just put the frosted cake in the fridge so that the smbc hardens before covering with fondant. The heat from your hands with warm the smbc back up and adhere it to the fondant as you're smoothing it. HTH
One box makes an 8" round, so I would use two. You will probably have some extra batter, but you can either freeze for later or make some cupcake for your friends and family.
Yes, I just push it through with a spatula. I haven't tried using ganache, but that is definitely a thought. Might have to try that myself.
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