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I personally prefer to make scratch, I like the challenge. But it depends on the time frame and audience that I'm baking for what I will do. I am still very much in the learning process with my scratch, so if it is for fun or friends, I will try a new recipe and go from there. If it is a paid order, I go with what I know will work well. I have some go to scratch recipes for certain flavors, while for other flavors I'm still searching, so I still lean towards the doctored...
Yes, whipped ganache will pipe like buttercream and will hold its shape. I haven't tried the ruffle with the 104 tip, but I'm sure it would be ok. Hopefully someone else can speak up with any experiences that they may have.
You can also try adding just a touch of violet food coloring. It will counter-act the yellow and make the IMBC look whiter. Just be careful, you only need a very small amount. I typically just dip the tip of a tooth pick into the food color gel and use as much as is on that.
It sure does, just be warned, the recipe makes a lot of cupcakes about 3-4 dozen, and I haven't gotten it to cut down well yet. It pairs very well with Bailey's buttercream, too.
I use the Guinness chocolate cake recipe from epicurous. I get rave reviews.
I have always used SMBC, I just add a lot of flavor to it, usually about 1/4 cup of vanilla per batch. It holds lots of flavor well, and needs it to help with the butter flavor. I have always gotten rave reviews from people trying my cakes for the first time. is the recipe I use and I get rave reviews whenever I do. It's great for both cupcakes and tiered cakes.
Hi!Sorry I'm not UK, but I always use SMBC for my cupcakes. I prefer the texture to the grit I normally get from ABC and the fact that it's not so sickly sweet. I also like the fact that I can have just about any flavor with it ( still working on peanut butter). It's all I've used for years. I get compliments on my buttercream all of the time.
I make my own birthday key lime pie! I get so sick of cakes that by the time my b-day rolls around, I want nothing to do with them. But I love key lime pie, so I make one for myself and try to out do the past years. Last year I made one with a chocolate layer between the crust and the pie filling. That one is going to be tough to beat! Happy birthday and I hope you had fun making your cake!
How about "Amy's Sweet Temptations"? Use your name, they are your products! and hopefully the "sweet" will alleviate some confusion as to what you provide. Just a thought.
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