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From my experience, and in my opinion, Fondarific tastes better than Satin Ice does, and has a lot more elasticity. It does not fully harden like Satin Ice can if rolled thin or when left out for long periods of time. It will harden up, but will still be pliable. Personally, I prefer to cover my cakes with the Fonderific, since it stretches well and doesn't wrinkle as much, although you do have to be careful of tearing if you roll it too thin. When it comes to figures and...
I've made ganache substituting Bailey's for the cream to get an irish cream flavor. Maybe you can try that with Kaluah to get a coffee tasting ganache. Or maybe use some coffee extract in the cream before heating it to get the flavor. Hope that helps a little!
Make the SMBC as directed, I normally add a little bit of vanilla. In separate bowl, whip the cream cheese. Once it's light and fluffy add to the SMBC and blend together. This is the only way I have found to make it that does not separate. It's amazing. 
Just curious as to how much vanilla the recipe calls for? SMBC typically takes a lot of flavor to cover the butter flavor, I normally add about 1/4 c of extract per batch, depending on the flavor. Also, make sure you always use unsalted butter, as the salt will enhance the butter flavor. You can save the batch by just adding  more extract. HTH   I use this recipe all of the time for cupcakes and they always come out awesome. Fair warning, you get about four dozen from this recipe. Good luck!
My understanding with this, in any business, is that as soon as you start accepting money for your work, you are considered a professional. Now, that is only what I was taught, should be interesting to see what others have to say.
The recipe I have interchanged them with is:1 Mix1 package of jello pudding 4 eggs1 cup buttermilk (or sour cream)1/3 cup oilHTH
It could depend on the recipe. If it's a scratch recipe that calls for pudding, then no for reasons stated above. However if you are adding it to a mix, then I have interchanged them successfully in the past to have different flavor combinations that I could not get with the puddings. I'm sure this is because the cake mixes have so much stuff already in there that the stability is not effected, but I don't really know the science behind it for sure.
It also helps if you color your icing at least a day ahead of time. The red dye tends to darken with time, so the salmon will become red within a day or two. This is also true for making black icing. HTH
I'm with tigachu, I love fromscratch's recipe. I use vanilla paste when I make mine and they are awesome. I use the egg yolks for the vanilla cupcakes, as she gives you the choice as to egg whites or yolks depending on which kind of cake you want to make. The variations she gives are great too.
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