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My suggestion is for the moderators and founders to stop deleting and locking our posts and topics if it's not all kisses and love. Not everything in life is going to be kudos for the site. I have loved Cake Central since before I joined, I just don't think it's appropriate to delete things and lock out other comments in the forums if it's not vulgar or advertisement.
All right, I'll give the magazine a try on the iPad... lets see if it gets to me.
But how about that customer service? I'm able to get every other email from Cake Central, but nothing regarding what happened to my subscription.
Mine was paid for before Christmas 2010!! And STILL NOT A SINGLE ISSUE. They've ignored all my emails about it.
Oh I see you are in the same boat I am in. Cake Central has been leaving me with a bad taste...
Thanks for your input, but we're talking about a timeline of well over a year ago, not this new PDF "magazine" they are switching to. We signed up shortly after the magazine originally came out.
I want to know where my subscription is!! I've emailed Cake Central numerous times asking what happened to my magazine subscription, which was a Christmas gift to me from my husband in 2010! It is now 2012 and I haven't heard from anyone, no one has responded to any of my emails regarding this issue, and its been well over a year since the order was placed!!! I check my spam box regularly so no, it didn't go there. VERY FRUSTRATING when you pay for something, you don't...
Thanks for the sympathy. I think I will try to get it fixed first, or at least have DH open it up and see the damage. I believe I found this Pro at Lowes or Costco... can't remember.
Buy both sizes and return the one that doesn't fit - that's what I'd do anyway.
My kitchen aid mixer just fell off the stovetop (I know, dumb move) and onto my tile floor! I think its broken... the logo that is on the front (where the attachments like a meat grinder go) broke off and is bent. I turned it on just to see if it'd still work and it does, but I hear a small clinking inside. Of course I turned it off right away. It was a stupid thing to do - I was cleaning and didn't think anything of it. Totally bummed.
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