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Pumpkin rolls are one of our biggest sellers. We cut ours and put it on an inexpensive platter, wrap in a a gift basket bag, and tie with a ribbon. Hope this helps.
I ordered a set of 12 and I paid $13.00 and some change. That included shipping and handling. They were packaged really well and none were broken when they arrived. I have a licensed business but I didn't have to fill out any business information to order.
I am also from Kentucky and I just ordered stargazer lillies from Wholesale Sugar Flowers. They are beautiful and very well done. Hope this helps.
I understand completely!! We have a small child care business along with our bakery and every time one of the kids get sick, the mom always says that it is allergies even when they are running a fever. I'm not a doctor but I never heard of running a fever with allergies. Not long after, our kids always end up sick. Sometimes you wish people would just be honest!
Great job!!! I bet she loved it.
I always thought that you needed a cake that tastes as good as it looks. I take samples to places and that is how I started my business off. Just recently, I took some samples to some of our government offices that I had not thought about taking samples to. Within 2 hours after I took that sample, I received 2 orders. I want my business to be know for taste as well as looks and, so far, I have managed to pull that off. I love buttercream and that is what we do the...
That is unbelievable!! I can't imagine paying that price for that size cake. I just had someone make a comment that a good cake is all about looks and presentation, not taste. I think this proves that if you don't have a moist and delicious cake, why bother having a cake at all.
Thanks everyone!!! I can always depend on my friends at CC to help make me feel better!! Thanks for all the pointers. jjkarm, that is the tutorial that I had seen before. Also, KHalstead, how did you take out the background in my picture? I am going to start doing something different with my new photos but if I can fix my old ones the way you did, that would be great!!
Hi Everybody,I read a post several months ago about how to do professional looking photographs of cakes. I don't even know where to look or how to search for that topic. I received some negative feedback from someone about not having professional looking pictures of my product. They also put down our website and called me "glorified homemade" and not professional. Up until that time, I considered our website okay, especially for someone who had never put one together...
We use Freewebs and we love it. We bought a domain name for $20.00 a year. As soon as our website was published on the internet, we were already getting hits off Google. I don't know if it is because we have an unusual name but you can do any part of our name and it appears. We have had great luck with it and it only cost us the $20.00 a year for our name. Good luck!!
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