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I was a little surprised that this cake didn't get more attention. It took FOREVER! I am swearing off building cakes--they require too much detail, too many straight lines, and too much precision--especially in the summer when your fondant is melting and slumping!
I already posted my most favorited cake but can't resist posting my favorite cake. This tiger cake is my favorite cake of all the ones that I've made!
Thanks, debbief!
This was my most-favorited--395 favorites. Still can't believe it! It was one of my favorite cakes.
I love brick impression mats! I got a huge one online. One side makes the bricks indent in, the other side makes the bricks indent out. You need to roll the fondant out and impress it before attaching it to the cake (panel your fondant). This method has worked for me: Roll out fondant a little thickly, transfer it to the top of your mat (making sure the correct side is facing up), then roll your pin over the fondant, creating an impression. Cut your fondant to size. ...
Not really. I reheated it over low heat and tried to stir it back in, but it didn't incorporate. I'll try wiping off the extra oil and seeing if it still separates further.
I made the Thick Caramel Filling here on cakecentral. Turned out great. Let it cool for an hour and now there's a layer of oil on top because the butter separated. What do I do? Do I need to throw it all out, or can I use it?
Hi all,I've agreed to do a cake for my friend's engagement party. It'll be an outdoor party on a rooftop in Washington, D.C., on May 21st. Party starts at 4 and runs until 10 (I know! eek!), but I can bring out the cake during the party and only let it sit outside for an hour or 2 before cutting if necessary. says the average is 77 for that day.I've researched this question in the forums, and it seems like ganache is the general consensus for hot outdoor...
Thank you all for your help! I decided to make just a regular four tier, for design reasons. The bottom 12 inch was fake, and it held beautifully! I did transport the bottom 3 tiers together and added the fourth one on-site because I had to drive this cake 2 hours in the backseat of a car. It was wobbling with just 3 tiers, so I'm glad I decided to put the last tier on there. It's the jungle cake I just added to my photos. Thanks again!!
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