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Muy bien!  El tiempo de uno también tiene valor.  Lo que también hago es que verifico su presupuesto y de acuerdo a ello les digo cómo sería el bizcocho que les haría y quedan contentos.
I will like to know too. It's beautiful!!
Virago, Thanks for the link!!
I think you should not refund, that is the purpose of all contracts, protect both parties, in this case you. Delicious Desserts, what a nice response 😉
I will love too to know...
Hace un tiempo que no entraba a la pág. ¿Cómo veo mis fotos???
Soledad: Thank you for the info. I do not mind. You can pm when you want!!! Now, I remember your post regarding those cookies!!! Like you, I do prefer fondant decorated cookies, but admit that royal icing decorated cookies are more beautiful and cute than fondant ones. Look at your whale turn out very cute. I will have to "play" a lilltle bit more with royal icing.
You are welcome!!! If you need anything else just let me know By the way, I saw your gallery, beautiful cookies!! Will like to know where you get the whale cutter or if you made it with a template.
I do cc classes twice a year, usually April & October-November. I teach the baking (2 recipes) and decoration with fondant & buttercream. Its interactive, they help me with the preparation of the batter and buttercream and they decorate the cupcakes. Provide a booklet with:The batter recipes made plus 2 more & the buttercream recipe. I use already made fondant ( didn't teach that). List with names & photo of the equipment used;List of Internet sites related with...
Elcee: Thanks for the recipe, sounds good!! I don't blame your friend at all. )
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