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I can't help with the templates, but I have a ton of blogs saved! I started with Adventures of Sweet Sugarbelle. After reading through her blog I "liked" her facebook page and from there I have found so many amazing cookiers! I think I have more cookie facebook pages "liked" than anything else!
I have seen some amazing cookies lately! How on earth do you write on cookies like these breast cancer cookies?!/sweettcakesI have tried. And tried and tried! I have used thin and thick royal icing. I have used a piping tip and a parchment bag with a tiny hole. And it just doesn't work for me.What's the secret?!
And then there's the decorating process! I agree it's very time intensive but I love the crafty process once I get into the decorating. Of course I'm usually exhausted with it by the time I finished.I am also trying to figure out to save time and make it more efficient. I am starting to try making large batches of dough and freezing them in rolled out portions. That way I can just pull it out, cut the cookies and pop them in the oven. My biggest issue is making the...
I get bulk boxes from brpboxshop. Super fast and free shipping! The quality is really good too.
I have an order for individually wrapped cookies. How do you guys deliver these to keep them all together? Do you put them in a bakery box?
Whatever the case may be I appreciate the list you guys have given me to check out and compare prices!
I swear this is a genetic thing. Either that or it's a super immune system based on how you grew up. One side of my family always left food out all the time and ate it without getting sick. I just look at it and get food poisoning! I got my genes from the other side!
I know this post is old but I ran across it in a search and found it to be soooo helpful! Thanks for doing this experiment!
I would say how old is your class. Curious george would be cute for little bitty ones! But sock monkey has a broader age range.
I personally don't take chances. I've had food poisoning and it just isn't worth it to me! I'm not saying it's not safe to eat, but I wouldn't do it.
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