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Thanks infinitsky! Lila Loa's was a blog I found this week, so her recipe was definitely one I wanted to know about.I know not everybody agrees on a recipe. What I was just hoping to avoid was a repeat of the posts already out there that say try this, this, or this recipe on xx website without any sort of review of good or bad! Especially since there are plenty of recipes out there. This way will help me narrow it down a little bit, since honestly, it's not the baking...
I want to branch out to chocolate cookies now that I've gotten the NFSC down. I've found a ton of chocolate cookie recipes out there, and honestly, I'm not a big fan of having to try out a million different ones blindly in order to find the right one! I also know there are a bunch of posts on here where people have asked for chocolate cookie recipes, but I've never found one where other people responded with the one they really like. The only ones I find are posts that...
CC started my cookie obsession. Now I'm looking for places to store these things, but who can pass up a deal like this!
Flo - does this recipe spread? It's pretty similar to the NFSC with a little more butter/little less flour. I like the NFSC recipe but wish I had a way to keep cookies tasting fresher than they seem to be after a few days of decorating.
Thanks Jason. That was my plan too.
I LOVE this tip! Thank you so much! An agbay is not in my near future and this has got to be 100x better that the toothpick method I've been using.
I want to be able to drapery in buttercream
What kind of cookies are you selling? Are they decorated? If so, I'd say $1.50 for 3 is too low. Don't forget about your time investment. You are the only one who can really put a value on that! If you don't, your customers certainly won't. I'm discovering a lot of people think you should only charge for ingredients and don't realize just how much actually goes into the finished product. As far as pricing goes, right now I have a spreadsheet set up on excel that...
They might have been. I don't have a kopykake but even when I try to trace a template it looks nothing like the basic letters I print out! Sigh... I dream of a day when I can do this!
Depends on what look you want but I vote 1:1 whipped for a yummy swirl on top. Plain ganache will give you just a smooth dipped look.
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