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I might be mistaken, but I think people use the weight to settle the cake after it's filled but not crumb coated. So fill, then let settle, then scrape off any excess that bulges out and crumb coat or frost as usual. At least that's what I got from some previous posts. I've never actually tried this method.
I've never actually seen buttercream pumpkins done, but I think you could use a large round tip and pipe a ball. If it's a crusting buttercream you can go back after it crusts and add the indentations all around the pumpkin. Then use a small round tip to pipe a stem.
Thank you!
Seriously?! I just don't get how someone can make an assumption that 400 people don't want cake! Because, let's be honest, hungry or not I'm still eating cake! And yep, if you don't want yours, I'll take it too!
That sounds pretty! Do they make small animal face cookie or fondant cutters? I'm sure they must.
It's at the top of my list for this weekend!
I make SMBC simply because I like knowing the egg whites have been heated up past the salmonella point. I'm also a little freaked out about boiling sugar, but that's beside the point . However, you don't have to worry about the eggs if you're using powdered egg whites. I've never used them so I don't know how they will turn out. I have made it with pasturized egg white from a carton, and like Justliloleme it worked but had less volume.I recommend checking out...
Let it come to room temp and then re-beat it on slow with the paddle attachment. It should smooth out and be as good as new! If it's not getting to room temp as fast as I like (I'm impatient too) I break it into chunks and put it in the oven with the light on. The heat from the light warms it up pretty quickly. I always beat it on the lowest mixer setting because otherwise I get too many air bubbles in mine.
I have a request for baby shower cupcakes. The theme for the shower is not completely finalized, but they know that it's going to be a shabby chic theme and the baby's nursery will be shabby chic with chenille fabric. And they may be incorporating a circus into the baby shower.Any ideas for how to decorate cupcakes in a baby shabby chic circus combo? One idea grandma-to-be suggested was just a simple swirl in the baby colors. I'm hoping to have some other ideas to...
I say absolutely label! Use the opportunity provided to get your name out there further! I would do it anytime you bagged a cookie. You never know if your business card will make it any further than the trash can... Sadly, I've found way too many of mine tossed in there to think they will be the most successful way to get my name out there.
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