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Something to consider for those who are interested in using Groupon to get their business name out there: certainly hate to see something like this happen to anyone, but it's a good reminder that you have to remain very business savvy and read the fine print. If there had been a limit on the number of groupons she was willing to sell it might not have been so bad.
I'm sorry you got a bad review! I know we all want to make our customers as happy as possible with our baking, and I think you sent a very polite response.If you'd like another baker to test out that strawberry recipe, I'd be happy to help . Actually I've been searching for a good scratch strawberry cupcake and am really hoping you'll share one that's gotten you rave reviews for almost 10 years! But I definitely understand if you don't share recipes.Again, so sorry...
Thank you so much! I started using SMBC not too long ago after reading the awesome blog you posted about how to make it, and it's definitely my favorite so I'll go with your advice and just add a pinch of cream of tartar! I am stuck with the frozen strawberries, but I do refrigerate my cupcakes before delivery to make them a little sturdier so I'm not too concerned about the strawberries going bad. I just wasn't sure how the puree would affect the texture.
I was going to make some strawberry smbc on Wednesday for cupcakes I'm making Thursday and delivering Friday. Can I go ahead and put the strawberry puree in the smbc on Weds and then refrigerate it until the next day, or will the liquid in it ruin the consistency? Should I wait until right before I make the cupcakes to mix in the strawberries? Either way it will have to sit overnight before delivery.I've never made smbc with fruit puree before so this is new for me.
I absolutely LOVE this: "When people tell me how much they love this or that grocery store's cakes, I cringe inside because I've read the labels, and I know that it's a butter and milk-free cake mix that's baked God knows when, and frozen for God knows how long. ...if you see the giant tubs of shortening-based icing that they use, or the sleeves of chemical fillings that bear no resemblance to real food that they put in their products, it's an eye-opener. If you're...
I'm looking for a good supplier for cello bags. I've found a few places that have pretty good prices, but I love to use places I know have good reputations here on CC.
Has anyone tried out recipes from this book? I'm working on going to fully scratch baking. I'd like to be able to offer an expanded flavor selection, but it takes me forever to find a good recipe, much less a great one!I'm looking for a good resource to start with, and since I do more cupcakes than cakes I'd like something I know will work in cupcake form.
Well... At least it worked in the class when we didn't have any other way!
I think it depends on what kind of ganache you're going for. (In my very limited experience! As in two times making it to fill cupcakes...) There's the ganache you can use to frost a cake like buttercream which is soupy when warm and then firms up nicely as it cools. Then there's the pourable ganache which stays soupy even when cool. I found out by accident that milk chocolate needs more chocolate and less cream to get the right consistency. I did 2 parts chocolate...
When I went through a wiltons class, my instructor told us to sit on the package for 5 minutes til it warmed up! LOL! I find the microwave much better.
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