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Another odd one out, my first thought was black and then using all the other colors on top. Then I thought white...
I have seen these cakes done by baking a sheet cake and then cutting circles out with round cutters. Then each little piece is covered in fondant before they are stacked. I've never done them, so I don't know which way is easier. Just an idea.
Awesome! I really didn't want to have to start over. I love chocolate but eating a pound of ganache didn't seem like the best idea...
I need to actually thin it down instead of just warming it up so that it's the consistency I'm looking for once the cupcakes are filled. I'll try adding some more cream to it and see how it goes. I guess I can always make another batch and eat this one with a spoon if I have to!
Saving this post for my next lemon cake!
I made ganache to fill cupcakes with, but I got the ratio wrong. I was looking for a softer ganache but used too much chocolate. It's already cooled. Can I heat up more cream and add to the ganache and let it set up again, or do I have to start from scratch?
I think I have some SMBC in the freezer I can pull out to try it on. They won't be in an airtight container, just a cardboard cupcake box for 24 hours so hopefully I can sprinkle them on Saturday and have them ready to go for Sunday!
I have the wilton sparkling sugar.
I have cupcakes to make for this weekend. They will have SMBC swirls, and I would like to sprinkle them with sparkling sugar. If I decorate and add the sugar Saturday, will it dissolve before they can be served on Sunday?
Interesting idea. Do you just mix up the filling til the consistency is right? Do you drop the filling on the cupcake once the full amount of batter is in the cup and then it sinks or do you put some batter, then the filling, then some more batter?
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