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I made the cooks illustrated cake as cupcakes. It tasted wonderful, but it was super light and I overfilled the cups so it flowed over, flattened out and made a sticky mess. Definitely use a few test cupcakes to figure out how much batter to fill the cups with.
Now for my ignorance, why would you steam a cake? What does it change about the appearance?
Thanks Jason.
Whipped chocolate ganache. Make ganache, ratio changes depending on what kind of chocolate it is, and whip when cool.
I've always wondered what the vinegar does for the recipe. I know it usually shows up in chocolate recipes.
I know the feeling! I bake from scratch, because I try to avoid processed/chemically enhanced foods for health reasons. I'm impatient and I want to find the best recipe right away. I don't like trying recipe after recipe after recipe... But, it's really the only way to find a good one. Eventually you will come across one you really like.As far as baking from scratch, if you want to, go for it! But many people probably wouldn't even know the difference if you went...
It depends on how much frosting you put on each cupcake, but I make SMBC with 6 egg whites and 3 sticks of butter and it usually frosts 24-30 cupcakes. When I do a tall swirl it frosts about 18.
I just got a batch of SMBC out of the freezer, and when I thawed it out and tried it on a cupcake the vanilla flavor is so overpowering. I can even taste the alcohol from the extract. It was great when it was fresh, but not so much anymore. Any way to salvage this? I've frozen SMBC a bunch of times but never had it come out tasting stronger. this one. It's a jpg. I open it with windows fax and photo viewer. If you have a pc running windows it should be the original program the computer used to open pics. Then click print and it should open a photo printing wizard where you can choose to print full page. this one
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