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I always make swiss meringue buttercream because I don't like the idea of making a boiled sugar syrup. I'm afraid I'll somehow drop it on me between the stove and the mixer... And I've never been good at pouring a thin stream into the mixer without catching the whisk and getting sugar strands.
I really like the Ultimate Vanilla Cupcake recipe. I found it on a blog, but I can't remember which one right off the top of my head. I'm sure it'll come up if you google it though.
I think your best bet would be an american buttercream made with shortening or a combination of butter and shortening. An all-butter based buttercream may work okay since you don't need sharp lines. It would be very soft but probably wouldn't literally melt. I'd be suprised if SMBC holds up better than standard american buttercream since it's made with all butter, but I've heard some people sub in some shortening with success. Chocolate ganache would probably be about...
I don't know if you can freeze the cake with ganache, I've never tried. I would be concerned about cracking the ganache if you put the pillars in after it's hardened, but again, I've never tried it.
I used to work for a bakery, and the health department required dishes to be washed and then sanitized which meant washing with dish soap (whatever the commercial brand was) and then dipping in bleach water. Do you think he meant to wash and then bleach?
Google NY Times Best Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe. These are BIG! And really delicious. There have been a number of bloggers who wrote about them too. The only downside is the dough has to sit in the refrigerator for 36 hours!
Me too! Unfortunately my walmart only had 2 cookie cutters left, but at 75% off I will grab what I can!
It's totally fine! Let it come to room temperature. (I rush this a bit by putting it in the oven with the light on. DO NOT turn the oven on.) Then put it back in the mixer with the paddle attachment and let it go til it comes back together. The liquid will mix back in just like it was last night.
I've never done IMBC, but for SMBC, just keep the paddle going on low until it smooths out. It may be a little too cool so the butter is staying in chunks. If it doesn't become smooth and silky by letting the mixer continue to run on low, try putting a damp warm kitchen towel around the base of the bowl to warm up the icing a little bit and keep mixing.
I regularly end up scrambling my eggs! I've found that if I try to heat them too quickly this happens no matter how fast I whisk. I have to heat mine over a lightly simmering double boiler. It takes a long time, but it's the only way I've managed to get to 160 without scrambled eggs. I relearn this lesson too often when I try to rush it!
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