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Thanks Leah! I did this morning and she already got back to me ready to put the part in the mile. The best product with the best costumer service! Doesn't get better than that. Now if only other businesses could model themselves after Agbay!
Do they have parts to sell? My husband bought me an agbay as an anniversary present several years ago. I love it! But I don't use it as often as some people on here use there's. I use mine about 4 times per month. Anyway, the little wing nut-like part on the right side that adjusts the height of the bottom blade just cracked and fell off the  other day. Now its just the small head of the screw sitting there and I have to use pliers to tighten in and adjust it since I can't...
LOL!!!!! Wait! Wait! How about the reverse insult. People coming up to you all excited asking, "Did you make the cake???!!!!!", their little faces beaming. And then you think to yourself...hmmm.... I didn't make the cake. So you walk over to the table to take a look at this work of art everyone is so excited about and it is clearly a STORE BOUGHT CAKE!!!!!!! Sometimes a sheetcake none the less!
I wouldn't take it personally either, but I can totally understand why it would tick you off and you might need to vent. If people only knew the effort that went into making these kinds of cakes...and how much more they could be paying if you weren't so nice. The sarcastic person in me is daydreaming answering, " I have no choice but to spend it all in one place. There is not enough of it to split even in two!"
I am so sorry, and so glad you are feeling better now. The cake was lovely. I'm glad the people were so good about it. May you never have to deal with anything like this ever again.
I guess it depends on where you live because I tried fondant source and the shipping turned out to be more than the cost of the item and more than the cost I would pay locally, so that didn't work out for me.My husband makes a lot of my boards for me. Maybe one day he'll start selling them.
I know! It finally dawned on me a few years ago that to turn down a cake order I won't make money on comes up to the same as to take an order I will lose money on.
I have already made it clear to her that as our gift to her I am doing the cake at cost to her, providing the decorations are within reason. And I have a per serving cost which I have already quoted to her. I have no problems telling her that she is going overboard or that she might have some things to consider (which I already did after I submitted this post). Sometimes after I vent it makes it much easier to put my foot down. It just amazes me that people who are on a...
Is it just me or has anyone else realized that lately more and more brides' definition of " I'm on a budget" really means "You need to give me exactly what I want for the price I am willing to pay."I'm sorry.... to me "I'm on a budget" means you cut down on all the frivolous details you can't afford and be happy and grateful that for the small change you have set aside for a wedding cake you can actually get something decent!I have a bride who is "on a budget" right now...
I make cupcakes and then put them in cute teacups and decorate them. I'll try to attach a picture but I am not sure if it will attach since I have been having problems uploading pictures on here for a while. If it doesn't attach, look in my photos. They are in there. Or actually... here is the link to them:
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