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SO I'm very confused. I heard something about Duff saying that you should just buy a hobby airbrush system for doing cake because it is cheaper and works just as good. Well I bought one and noticed a sign on the side of the COMPRESSOR (the airbrush and compressor came in one package) said "The Brass components may contain lead." Nowwwww... I've tried to find a more in depth explanation of what parts, etc, but I can't. I have read that the airbrush itself (even Kopykake's...
Sooooo I bought a little airbrush and compressor from the hardware store. It looks JUST like some of the ones I found for cakes. It was so much cheaper though. Someone told me that something to worry about was that they have lead parts?!? It does have a warning about the brass containing lead on the side of the compressor... should i worry about this? Could this lead get into the actual product? HELP!!
I'm making a wedding cake using crusting bc.. but I'm afraid the oil of may still leak onto the ribbon and spot it.. isn't there are certain kind of material that won't? Thanks!
thanks for all the help!
I bought it at Cake Crafts in Denver... I want to use it to add a little stability for the top of a graduation hat and I'm afraid the fondant wouldn't dry hard enough to make that perfect flat top.. what do you think?
So I bought some Tragacanth today and I'm planning on adding it to some chocolate fondant.. by adding this it will harded more sturdy and faster, right?? Also, how much should I add?!?THANKS!
Will almond extract set off nut allergies? Probably a stupid question I know but I just don't know? I want to make the WASC for a wedding but i know a LOT of kids have nut allergies these days...?
I had the hardest time with Satin Ice for making flowers.. it was just TOO gummy and fell over too easy. My favorite so far is Wilton, but I'm wanting to explore with others..
IamAvaie@hotmail.comTHANK you SOOOO much!
Wow doug you are amazing!!!
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