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Hi,   My name is Stephanie Felts, owner of The Sweetest Day in Nashville Tn. I am interested in your cake decorating club. Please PM me information.
What about a tiered cake with fishing lures and shotgun shells as decoration......if you want to stay with the hunter/fisherman theme of course
I know exactly which cake you are talking fact I will be making it for someone soon. It is in an old wilton book, but I couldn't tell you which one. Visit my website and send me an email through it and I will see if I can send you the picture of the one I
Try to mix just a small amount (golf ball size) before you do the whole thing. I would suggest mixing in a little white to lighten up the purple then try a deep pink and see if you get closer. If you have already added a lot of red to the whole batch, I'm not sure if you will get it the right color.Good Luck!Stephanie
Here are a few suggestions that I hope will help you.Pearls: you can purchase these from Earlene ready made, however for the small amount you will need, making them is just as easy. She should have a sizing guide on her website for these. I would use about a 5 or 6 mm size. Let them dry good before you put them in a container and shake them up with a little pearl dust.Stacking: Use dowels. I would use a foil covered cardboard, because it is throw away and it won't make the...
I burned out many a hand mixer before I broke down and bought the stand mixer. I now have 3 KA 5 qt. mixers and 2 Hobart 20 qts. I rarely ever use a hand mixer anymore. Be aware that I also burned out a KA hand mixer making icing, so be careful about that. The only hand mixer that I haven't buurned up was my mother's and it is probably 40 + years old It still works! They don't make 'em like they used to!
I use Seedless Raspberry Jam mixed with buttercream icing. It tastes great!
Well, I have two more ideas for your fall leaves. I use a candy mold that has a variety of leaves. Using the multi-colored fondant as described in one of the other replies, dust the mold with cornstarch and roll the fondant (or gumpaste) to be close to the size of the mold and press it in, smudging off the edges. Remove and place them on the edge of a tray or something to give them some shape. Brush excess cornstarch off with a soft paint brush. You can dust them with...
Wilton has a powdered gumpaste mix that is just add water. It works pretty well. I use ready made gumpaste from Satinice. You can find it in a 5lb tub at (Pfeil and Holing). The Satinice fondant is very good too. The only bad thing about this site is that you have to order at least 50.00 worth of stuff, which is not hard because they have a lot of good stuff. They also have beautiful ready made gumpaste flowers, which I use because they are so time...
You will need tip # 233 (Wilton). It is the grass tip and in your case the fur tip. Have fun.Stephanie
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