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Great!!   Thanks so much.
Anyone have a good recipe for MMF?
The wilton colors I use work okay, they are lighter in color than the jars show. I wanted to reach out to fellow bakers and see if anyone had any other suggestions...   I like Michaels but I don't like not having another choice in where to get my supplies in case they don't have something I need.Thanks so much everyone for your input! I am on the road to ordering products online and stepping out of the box.   Happy Baking!
I have exerienced customers do not like the way fondant taste. I buy my fondant from Michaels and don't know if the taste is any different if I order a different brand from a supplier. I would like to know if anyone has any suggestions on the best way to tint buttercream.   It seems to be the only way for me to make a cake to the satisfaction of the customer without the wrigleys gum taste of fondant. Should I use oil based colors? I usually use the little jars of...
no, I have not but I have read lots of reviews of people that swear by it. I would'nt hurt to try it in a buttercream frosting recipe as buttercream holds up pretty well. Either way, it cost you more to re-frost cupcakes than it would to try something once and see if it works.   Good Luck!
here are a couple of suggestions for you: one is a recipe and one is a product.   this frosting stands up pretty well, I live in Arizona and after baking, refridgerating, and frosing my cake, I put it back in the fridge overnight. If you don't have that much time after you're done put the cake in the fridge until ready to transport or set out.   I have not tried the...
Wow just that simple, plastic wrap...who knew  told ya I was an amateur...
Hello all, I am an amateur that still uses box cake mix. I have found that when making two tier cakes my cakes are too moist and fall apart. Can someone tell me how to bake a box cake a little more dense without comprimising the taste? and how do you store cake once it's baked a day or two in advance (prior to frosting and decorating).   Thanks.
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