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So I was asked to do 1 cake that will be for 2 different ppl. so that means 2 different themes on 1 cake. The themes are icing fishing and cheetah print. Can anyone help give me some ideas on how I can incorporate the 2 themes without it looking weird. thanks in advance!!
I always use milk in my recipe when making purple and have never had a problem.
Does anyone know how to make lilacs out of buttercream? I was going to use royal icing but feel this is going to be too time consuming. Thanks in advance.
I've been having the same problem! It's mainly my chocolate buttercream that has been grainy and I just can't figure out why. My recipe is very similar to yours.
Can I freeze a cake that has already been covered with marshmàllow fondant? I've frozen regular fondant before without any issues but not sure how marshmallow fondant will hold up. Thanks!!
Just a question for those who have made rainbow cakes/cupcakes. To get the nice vibrant colors it seems you need to use lots of colouring gel, is this going to effect the taste of my cake? I only have access to wilton brand coloring here. I want to make rainbow cupcakes for my son's class but worried that all the coloring will effect the taste, especially the red.
Thanks everyone. I tried the Betty Crocker chocolate GF mix and it's not bad, I also tried a store brand vanilla from my local store and found the taste ok but texture a little chewy.
Has anyone tried a gluten free boxed caked mix and doctored it with a box of pudding, and an extra egg have any success? Are the boxed GF mixes even any good? I'm new to GF baking and was asked to make a GF cake and am total lost.
Has anyone tried the gluten free cake mixes that are out there? Which one is best? Has anyone tried doctoring one with pudding and an extra egg? I bake using mainly doctored cake mixes so was wondering if the same can be done to a gluten free mix. I'm really new to this gluten free baking so any advise anyone can give would be greatly appreciated!
I've never had a problem with is brand unless I'm covering a cold cake. It will get shiny but after a few hours out it will dry back up and be fine.
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