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I am wanting to buy a kopykat projector.  Does anyone use this?  Is it worth it? Let me know   Mary Ann
Very nice job.  Hope you enjoy making lots of beautiful cakes.  Mary ann
I need to buy cake bling for a wedding cake.  They have bling at Michael's craft store.  It looks just like cake bling.  Is it the same thing?  or do I need to buy special cake bling?
I want to buy an airbrush today.Anyone like one airbrush over another?
I have a fondant bow made to attach to the side of my buttercream cake. What do you use to make it hold? I have a fondant ribbon wrapped around a buttercream cake and need to attach the bow.Mary Ann
I need to make diamonds to put on a cake.Any ideas?Mary Ann
I need to make a white chocolate cheesecake that serves 50 people.Can anyone help me?mary Ann
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