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hi all, wonderful tips here!! i have a question ? - how do i get a neat, clean and undistorted finish on fondant pieces. i look at some cakes and the finish is perfect, while others are pretty but slightly imperfect, eg : eyes on a cartoon character uneven (see example below - eyes are uneven even though same cutters were used and the edges are a bit wobbly)     ta so much sulia
Thank you... will investigate this - that information about the fruit leather is amazing!!  
Hi everyone   I'm not if this is even possible - can anyone please share a technique for creating edible fabric that is sheer or transparent such as chiffon or organza? I was thinking of gelatin, but how would I keep the sheets flexible?   Thanks so much Sulia
Hello everyoneI want to make a cake for my sister in law who is a Reiki master.I don't know too much about this and was wondering if any of you had some ideas on how I can create a cake in the Reiki theme.Thank youMaimi
hi jackie and samthanks so much for the response - i feel more confident now.when i make this cake in a sheet pan, i cut it in half first and then torte eachhalf separately - this makes a huge difference as the smaller cakes are less likelyto collapse. after you've filled them, joined them together and iced it, you would never knowthat the cake was actually in 2 pieces.good lucksulia
hi bonniebakes and dah, i love this recipe but i feel the same way as jade regarding the manageability of this cake. does the substitution (sour cream) alter the taste much or is is still similar to the original recipe.i was also wondering if anyone tried this recipe using any other cocoa other than Hershey's.we relocated recently and i no longer have access to Hersheys cocoawell, i will be trying it out soon with another brand and the sour cream too!thanks againsulia
hi there - what was the texture like - cos i was thinking, if it was a bit dry , it might be suitable for cake balls/pops. I made these once and found them too mushy but perhaps using a cake made without butter might result in a less gooey cake ball. who knows, you could have stumbled on the best way to make these!!what do you think? could it have worked...
hi creamyclairesorry for the late response - was away for the weekend,anyway please go to the 'culpitt' website and look for the bubble cake.(its actually quite a nice website with a few tutorials)i don't want to type in the full website address in case it gets blocked againgood luck and please post a pic when you use itbest regardssulia
hi therethis product seems quite interesting and i decided to google it as i had not heard of it before. it seems that you use it directly to pipe jewels or sparkly shapes onto the cake.if you look at the following link, the cake artist pipes it on to the sides of her cake good lucksulia
you are so right! - i too am a hobbyist with limited time, so i would love to try something new whenever i decorate. i would surely become bored repeating the same design and frustrated at being'told what to do' . perhaps you can say that you will be happy to provide the cake, on condition that they provide the theme and leave the design details to you. tell them you will surprise them with a unique cake. i've looked at your awesome pics and you are certainly not...
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