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Thanks you guys that's great info I truly appreciate it.
So are those food safe?  My cookie bouquet  will have a skewer through the middle of each cookie to make it more interesting life a flower  and because of that they will not be individually wrapped.   I wish I knew how I would be able to individually wrap them since it will keep the cookie fresh.  Saran wrap would look tacky.
Im sorry if this has been asked before.  I wanted to make a cookie bouquet then I wanted to wrap it in cellophane and but a ribbon on it.  I was wondering if the kind that you buy on large rolls like wrapping paper are safe to use?  If not how else can you package it so the cookies are protected form the elements and presented in a  vase or like container and have a professional look to it?
I want to achieve dark green icing but my icing has lots of butter in it and takes a lot of colour to get it as dark as I would like.  Can you just add candy colour to icing?
Hi .  I was wondering when you cover cupcakes with fondant what do you use? Water, buttercream... I have a non crusting buttercream that I use and was wondering should I use that or water to adhere the fondant to the cupcake?
I make my own MMF and sometimes I have to deal with sticking, etc. , so u just thought this would be easier.
Oh poop there goes that idea . Thanks for that info, back to the drawing board lol.
Hi.  I was reading somewhere that people are using sculpey  ( sp?) non-toxic clay to make for cake toppers including flowers etc. instead of fondant or gumpaste? I was wondering if anyone has used it ( especially for flowers) why you liked it or disliked it, and any thoughts or suggestions.
Yup you guys were right my tooth pick   didn't go all the way to the bottom.  I was so distracted  by my little guy having a fever probably just wasn't thinking ( lack of sleep lol).Well listen learned ( focus or don't bake lol). Thanks for bringing this to my attention.
Ok I don't get it.  I baked the cake put the toothpick in the middle and no crumbs or anything on it.  So I took it out of the oven.  Then  cooled, froze the cakes and now tort the cake  and the middle is kind of gooey .  What happened?  How the heck can the tooth pick come out clean and the middle be like that?  I guess its beyond help and I have to do it again?  What am I doing wrong? Please help this desperate  frustrated baker.
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