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Wow!! Thanks a bunch!!!
Thanks! I'm going to check that one out!Any other ideas??
Where does everyone purchase their bakery supplies? I've always just picked them up here and there as I need them from different websites and local stores. But as my business is growing I'm really needing to order more bulk (shortening, colorings, boards...).Where's the best/cheapest places you've found?
hhhhmmmm...I might hold off on the fruit then. It's a 6 tier stacked cake. I've found recipes for fillings that are said to be ok at room temp, but I won't have any room for the cakes in the fridge. The wedding isn't until 5:00 tomorrow evening. I'd hate for it to go bad. What do y'all think?
any ideas??????
If I use fresh fruit (blueberries & strawberries) in my filling of a wedding cake, how long will it stay fresh? Will it be ok until the next evening?I feel as though it will, but I've never used fruit between layers before and I just wanted other's opinions.Thanks so much for the help!!!!!
When I was buying my dummy online at country kitchen, they had dummies for fondant. They had more of a rounded edge. I can't remember what shapes they had though. I hope you can get an answer to your question!
You can use water (that's what I use) and I've heard some people use a little piping gel.
YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank y'all sooooo much!!! I was starting to get worried about using the dummy, but now I can't wait to see how it goes!!Y'all are great! Thanks again!!
I've never had to use a dummy, but I have a wedding cake coming up where I'll have a 18" dummy as the bottom tier. The whole cake is going to be covered in buttercream. How do I need to do the styrofoam? I've heard just cover it in saran wrap then ice as normal. Is that right? Also, will I need to put any supports in the styrofoam? I use dowels as my support in my cakes and I was thinking the dummy would be fine without, but there will be 5 tiers on top of it. How...
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