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This was all VERY helpful. Guess I'll have to let people know there can't be strawberries in carved cakes, since I can't freeze them. That would explain why that doesn't work.I meant the sugar from the cake and frosting itself, but macerating them ahead of time is a good idea. Thank you all of you.
OK, so I did a 5+ tier cake, and not the VERY top tier, but the one just below it was a white cake filled with cream cheese filling and fresh strawberries. However, once the whole thing was set up, that tier started to leak a strawberry syrup, I'm guessing from the strawberries reacting to the sugar. In the end, the entire top 3 tiers and separator pillar gave way because of this. How do I avoid this in the future. I've had clients order strawberries in their cakes before,...
So I called SW airlines and asked them how I could bring a cake with me on my flight from AZ to WA. They told me as long as I can fit it under the seat in front of me it wouldn't be a problem. Obviously this will NOT work. Has any one flown with one of their cakes before? What do I need to do. Also, I am flying Stand-By, so that might be a factor if I don't make it onto a non-stop flight.
Anyone have any good ideas for cupcakes centered around a Magic Time Machine Birthday Theme for a 2 year old?
OK, thank you for the info. I'll do something else
OK, I am trying to do a cake for a friend, so am just doing it at home instead of at my commercial kitchen so don't have all my normal stuff on hand, and the grocery is closed. I want to do a chocolate ganache for the filling only, not the outside. Would it be OK to use 2% milk instead of heavy whipping cream?If so, then should I reduce the ratio of milk to chips.Any one up to give suggestions?
I actually saw a wedding cake done this way once. The filling was a cream filling and done really thick, then all the cakes were cut into very pristine squares and stacked on glass stands. Was very simple and pretty
Any one have the directions for making these. I wasn't able to find it on here.
I'll give this a try this thanksgiving.
Been needing directions that are easy to follow
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