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First off, how is everyone gaging there prices? I recently did a 7 tier cake that fed over 200 people. It had LOT's of flowers on it. I charged $5.50/slice. Talking to the caterer that was there, he said he would of charged AT LEAST $3200 for the cake, but dod not explain his way of pricing. Just said that he prices per design, not by slice.Secondly, I freeze my cakes in stages. As soon as it comes out of the oven. Then, I take it out, torte & fill it, then put it back in....
It's OK with the lighter colors. Taste is OK. However, I find that with the darker colors it dries out too quickly. I prefer Fondx for my white (because its a little less expensive and easier to find in larger tubs. And, I add flavoring to it to make it taste yummy. Most candy flavors will work with fondant. Cotton Candy is clear, so wont change the color of your fondant. I also like Fondx Elite for the dark colors, and already has a pleasant taste and smell.
It might also depend on your Health Inspector. I have a few models of KitchenAid and my favorite is the kind where the actual head lifts, but my Health Inspector insisted on a commercial grade mixer. The Kitchenaid commercial level does unfortunately have a bowl lift too. But, I just use it when I absolutely need to and use my other Kitchenaids the rest of the time.
I make a very simple buttercream using real unsalted sweet cream butter,powdered sugar and HEavy Whipping Cream. I use the Viva Paper towel method for smoothing as well as a hot metal smoothing tool. To get it hot I run it under streaming hot water.
Peg818; Thank you for the info. All the details will be so helpful. I thought I could use the expression, now I know I can. Yeah
I am trying to determine if it's worth the extra money to buy the Cricut Cake, or if I could just get a Cricut Expression (I can get one off craigslist that's barely used for way less than the Cricut Cake will run me). I know some of you mentioned using your Cricut to do cakes before the Cricut Cake even cake out. What is the difference between these two machines really? Is it worth it to spend the extra money and get the cake one, or can I do everything with the...
The straws are a GREAT idea I never thought of. Thank you so much.
I live in a HOT climate. We're talking 110 degrees EASY. I have some large metal freezer plates at the moment that I use for transporting cakes around town to try to help keep them cool. A refridgerated truck is not a possibility at the moment unless someone wants to donate one to me . Any other suggestions on how to transport large cakes that don't fin in coolers to their desitnation with out having them melt before I get there?
All this info is very helpful, I have a few more questions though.Spackle; If you do the spackle, then do you pre-color it for colored one, and what do you color it with, paint? (I'm doing a few in some different colors other than white).Fondant; Several of you mention sticking the fondant on using water or corn syrup or piping gel, so does this mean you don't dirt ice the dummies with anything prior to putting the fondant on?
I'm getting ready to make several fake cakes for display and contests, but this is the first time I will be making fake cakes that I want to last for a period of time. I am planning to use mostly fondant, but is there a fondant that works best for fake cakes?Also, is there a good home made alternative to Perma Ice, and if not then how much does one gallon cover (that stuff is pricey)? I have 3 multi tierd dummy cakes I am doing, and I want them to look great and be able to...
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