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Thank you for experimenting. Sugarveil, although pretty does not smell yummy, and not the best tasting. Next time I have some time, I may just have to try your little experiment out. :)
Personally, I use 2 sticks of butter (1 C), & 1 2lb bag of powdered sugar, and heavy cream added till I reach the consistency I want. Flavoring of choice. It does crust, and if I use less cream, then I will have a stiffer buttercream. The more cream I add, the softer, creamier buttercream I will have.
You'll get some sweating regardless of buttercream or fondant. Trick is to let it get finished sweating before putting it out for display.
In my experience, cakes with strawberrys tend to take longer to thaw. I did a cake last summer for a client that I froze ahead of time, because she was going to be driving it in the car for 3 hours without a cooler (was a 3 tier cake). She said that they still didn't eat the cake for a few hours, so it had been 6+ hours before they atarted to cut. The tier with the strawberries was STILL partially frozen. If I remember sorrectly iit was a 10 or 12 inch round. Hope that helps
I've always just put them on cookie sheets and wrapped the whole thing in plastic wrap when doing cupcakes, but I have large industrial size cookie sheets and a freezer to accomodate them. maybe just put them in the boxes and plastic wrap those for the freezer if you need to. Other than that, Yummy In My Tummy is right on track. Good luck.
I wanted to add that I am in AZ and deal with temps in excess of 115 degrees outside. Hotter in the car. It does make for a stressful delivery in the summer months, but I find that as long as I have a chilled freezer plate under the cake during transport, my buttercream holds up. I have done dairy free buttercream upon request using the same methods as Jason_Craft, but it doesn't hold up as well to the heat here as the real butter. If possible, I refridgerate my cakes...
I use only 100% butter, powdered sugar and heavy whipping cream to make my buttercream (plus whatever flavors I may be adding). I can't stand the taste of Wilton's buttercream. And, don't like the texture of the buttercreams that use shortening in the recipe. I can feel it coating my mouth.
I use boxed mixes, usually betty crocker, and doctor them according to what I am trying to achive. I have over 60 gourmet flavors that I make all starting with a box mix. Even people that swear they will only eat scratch cakes end up thinking mine are superior to those that they have tried that are scratch from other bakeries. Friends are shocked when I tell them that I am using the same box mix they are. I have tried making scratch cakes, and am never as happy with the...
Do you use real butter, or shortening? My buttercream is very simple. Just butter, powdered sugar, and heavy whipping cream. I get the best reviews about it. But, have had a couple of times where it gave me trouble. Not very often though (really only like 3 or 4 times in the last 4 years). But, I think that's partly because of how I normally work with it. The couple of times I had issues with the buttercream itself, it was well over 115 degrees outside.
I duess I freeze mine over mostly due to lack of space. I rent space in a commercial kitchen, but it isn't my own kitchen, and there isn't really any extra space. As for freezing and unfreezing and putting back in the freezer again. I learned that technique from the Queen of Cakes, Sylvia Weinstock. She actually did another freezing step. Putting it in the freezer right after baking to lock in the poisture, taking it out to cut for the torting, but not putting the filling...
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